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Yacht Controller provides you with total freedom of movement around your vessel! Free yourself from the helm to any position on your vessel.

Use Yacht Controller to position your yacht precisely where you want from any vantage point on the vessel. You are able to move freely around the boat while maintaining total control of the engines and thrusters.

Yacht Controller significantly reduces the stress and uncertainty involved in tight-quartered vessel maneuvering. Yacht Controller is designed for all boats & yachts

Product range includes Yacht Controller, Yacht Thruster, Yacht Graphx, Yacht Protector, Yacht Command and Yacht Connect. Yacht Controller bring the highest quality products, expertise, professionalism and support to the yachting community. This is the hallmark of our brands through “innovative technology for the marine industry“. Yacht Controller marine products are used on thousands of yachts of all sizes on more than 180 brands… and counting…

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Guard Systems

Guard Systems is the leading provider of search and recovery services, fleet management, electronic travel log and mobile positioning technology.

Guard  Systems was established in Norway in 1992 and is a serious European agent in the security/position market. Guard Systems have 125 employees, subsidiaries in 9 European countries, and customers in 16 countries.

SpotGuard – a new and revolutionary system for tracking and protection of your assets based on a unique combination of GSM and Radio Frequency (RF). This makes SpotGuard easy to access, precise and safe. The unit is very small and can be attached anywhere and on almost any object. SpotGuard is web based and accessible on Smartphone.

The SpotGuard Plus version also features GPS for enhanced accuracy and a G-sensor for activity.

based reporting.

Please contact us for more information and for ordering or installing one.

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You will find the best suitable trailer for Your motorboat from our co-operation partner TIKI Treiler who has a long experience of trailer manufacturing.

Tiki Treiler is one of the major boat trailer manufacturers in Estonia, with dozens of trailer models in its product portfolio.

At present Tiki manufacturers 15 different types of boat trailers for the Estonian market, and that means that there is something for every boat owner. Tiki also produce four different water jet trailer series with vehicle type-approval and hence those interested in water motorsports can also mount their fine vehicle on their personal trailer.
Tiki Trailer sold only to Estonian market over 160 boat trailers.

Contact us for the best offer!

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Insurance is always good to have in the process of purchasing a boat or during the sailing season. We will make it as safe for You as possible through our trusted co-operation partners.

BALTO LINK is an independent insurance broker company deploying intellectual and financial capital of Danish, Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian origin to provide premier risk management and insurance solutions to the clients in the Baltic’s area since 2000.

BALTO LINK has 10 fully operating offices in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

BALTO LINK is Baltic’s 3rd largest insurance broker company, servicing over 4.000 large and mid-sized companies in various industries of services, manufacturing, wholesale and retail. Furthermore, BALTO LINK service over 100.000 private clients.

Possessing strong team of professionals enables BALTO LINK to provide unique, exceptional and tailor-made solutions to our clients.

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We can help You with the financing of Your new boat or in case of boat exchange, refinancing.
We have several financing partners to find the best solution for all our clients.
Please contact us for discussing Your exact needs or You can contact with one of our recommended leasing partner LHV Bank.

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ContiSauna is thoughtfully designed, uniquely styled and stunningly crafted to perfectly balance practicality in northern atmosphere and sauna culture.

ContiSauna is designed in the existing standard marine shipping container with high craftmanship and special attention to cutting edge design and comfort details.

A remote control electrically fully opening front hatch becomes easily a wide sunbathing or grilling terrace as well as boat- or swimming pier.



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